Why Underground Tanks?

Why would anyone want an underground tank for fuel?

Well once upon a time it was very modern. No more getting up in the middle of a cold night to toss coal or shovel sawdust into a burner, to heat …

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Oil Tank Evolution

Oil tanks have evolved, just like cars, they are safer (fewer spills) and
more reliable.

While tank use has declined dramatically in BC they are still used in a
variety of capacities. Rural areas without natural gas still use oil …

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No one uses Oil Tanks anymore do they?

A frequently asked question to Stormworks staff. Actually most people would be surprised about current oil tank usage. While rural properties and isolated
buildings often use oil or propane, other buildings have modern oil tanks. In Vancouver, Burnaby, and all …

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Leaking Oil Tanks

Many property owners with old and unused underground oil tanks ask Stormworks how you can tell if your oil tank has leaked. That’s a tough question with little chance of accuracy until the tank has been removed from the ground. …

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Why can’t I sell the oil in my tank

Periodically homeowners tell Stormworks that they have a tank full of oil and they would like to sell it. As it happens it’s a rare occasion when a tank has pure oil in it. Homeowners usually burned most of their

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I have an oil tank under my deck

Here at Stormworks we often receive requests to remove underground oil tanks from a myriad of awkward locations. A tank under a sundeck is a common occurrence, if the deck has reasonable height from the ground our experienced crew can …

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Oily Water in Perimeter Drains

Stormworks recently completed a Vancouver Tank Removal after a drainage company unearthed an unknown oil tank. A potential disaster was averted, the UST was filled with oily water. The oil tank’s close proximity to old clay drainage tile provided a …

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Do People Still Use Oil Tanks?

Here at Stormworks clients will ask us “Do people still use oil tanks?” ” Isn’t everyone on gas?”

For the most part that statement is accurate for the Lower Mainland. Most residential and commercial buildings are heated with gas.

A …

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Oil Tanks and Insurance

Here at Stormworks we receive calls from home-owners who have been given a deadline by their insurance company to remove an oil tank on their property.

Many home-owners are not sure if they even have a tank, we can help …

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Stormwork Update

Stormworks has just released our new web site. We are in the business of oil tank removal, soil remediation, asbestos abatement and selective demolition. We hope to be able to publish the occasional blog entry.…

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