A frequently asked question to Stormworks staff. Actually most people would be surprised about current oil tank usage. While rural properties and isolated
buildings often use oil or propane, other buildings have modern oil tanks. In Vancouver, Burnaby, and all cities in the Lower Mainland hospitals require emergency power. In case of an electrical outage onsite generators are fueled by oil allowing hospital routines to carry on without interruption.
Many other commercial buildings require oil fueled generators for emergencies as well. Grocery stores, food storage plants,warehouses, meat and fish processors,
and a host of others require uninterrupted power. Oil Tanks are now “state of the art” when compared to both residential and commercial tanks from yesteryear.
Oil Tanks are either fiberglass or double walled with leak detection devices on them. Oil Tanks are still an essential part of todays economic framework, the
usage has changed but they are essential for electrical continuity.